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The key to a conscientious, environmentally-friendly business is having a high quality waste management system implemented. This is why, in addition to long-haul transportation services, Mr. Bult’s, Inc. aka MBI Trucking, specializes in waste-handling and removal. In an effort to minimize impact on the environment, reusables and recyclables must be paid particular attention to by a cultivated, informed company who can provide a convenient disposal solution. Curtailing landfill is an admirable goal, one that we should all strive towards, but the facts remain – you are bound to have waste and a dedicated and experienced team can make doing the right thing all that much easier. MBI have an expansive fleet of trucks, tractors and trailers, with a wide variety of options, tailor-made to suit the customer’s situation. Whether it’s precious, confidential cargo that needs to be at a particular place at a particular time, or whether you’re trying to do right by the fragile ecosystem that your business inhabits, MBI invariably make your part in the proceedings as painless as possible.

Who Are MBI and Where Did They Come From?

Some of the best businesses in the world have been built from the ground up – one man, with a vision and the drive to see it through to its conclusion. In the case of the MBI Trucking, this visionary in question is Jim Bult. A trucker himself, Mr. Bult started the company at the age of 18 in the year 1980, with just a single truck of which he would commonly take the wheel, even in the years to come.

Based out of Burnham, Illinois, MBI services both metropolitan and rural clients across 15-20 states. A self-made man, revered by the employees Bult managed, with a passion for the extreme – Bult even went so far as to take a tricked-out Viper “Trophy Truck” across the Baja 1000, all the way down to Cabo even though he had no experience racing trucks and commissioned the construction of his own airfield because the bureaucrats were taking too long to build their own.


This mantra, getting things done by any means necessary, carries over to his business and the work he has to make MBI one of the largest solid-waste haulers in North America.

One of the Biggest North American Hauling Companies

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With their distinctive red cabs and their hulking, predominantly Kenworth trailers, there’s a large chance you’ve seen an MBI truck making a trip on your travels.

One of their skilled drivers may have been maneuvering up the freeway, on the interstate and given you a friendly nod as you pass by, or you may have worked for a corporation and put your waste into one of the many marked bins that MBI empty.

MBI has roughly 1300 tractors, huge high-powered rear wheel drives that commonly carry weights of up to 120,000lbs; 100 pieces of varied loading gear, machines used to maximize efficiency when dumping the bins into the trucks; 90 trailer tippers, to dump with minimal safety hazards and maximum speed; as well as a wide variety of trailers including walking floor, flat-bed, dump, van, intermodal and low-boy.

Hauling Can Be Treacherous Work, How Can MBI Guarantee Reliability?

Long-haul routes can take a driver though difficult terrain, MBI famously running their Titan A-Train 53-foot trailers though a pass in the Rockies, an initiative designed to switch clients over from the lex flexible rail cars to a set of tractor-trailers, allowing greater scheduling freedom. But of course, this means the potential for something to go wrong and throw a spanner in the works is constantly at a critical level. Luckily MBI boasts a standardized operating fleet; all the spare parts, tires and equipment are easily accessible and can be provided through their holistic maintenance program. Downtime is kept to a minimum and inventory kept manageable so the drivers are waiting for as little time as possible to get back on the roads and the clients are waiting even less.

Working For MBI and Potential Career Opportunities

MBI employ the highest class of trained, qualified and exceptionally experienced drivers. They take care of everything from tarping to unloading and are always highly professional, no-fuss and no-frills. The MBI website has an employment page that advertises positions currently being sought as well as supplying the email address for the HR department, who are more than happy to capably of handling any enquiries one might have before applying. Once a part of the MBI team, drivers are given extensive, ongoing training and support to maintain the high standard of quality that has made MBI a mainstay in the industry.

One of the main things that has allowed MBI to implement its 1200 strong workforce and has ensured that they are switched on and active is the flexibility of rostering – a weekend shift is rare and there is always work to bid on. Safety at MBI, in particular, is a very high priority – every month, drivers are asked to take part in an online safety education course to provide updates on legislature, potential hazards and new threats on the roads. This, coupled with weekly meetings means that MBI can lower the risk of accidents and learn from their experiences.

Where is MBI headed? Where Can We Expect to See Them in 10 years?

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MBI has an ongoing commitment to expanding its existing client database and growing its core company roster. Current President Tony Schmidt has an unwavering devotion to making the company the best that it can be and is even a member of the Illinois Trucking Association board. Recently, Evercore Capital acquired a majority ownership interest, injecting capital so as to guide the company on its incrementally increasing market-share. The MBI footprint currently covers over half the country – 200 locations US-wide, with 49 terminals and this number is looking to increase. Currently transporting 80,000 tons of solid-waste daily, it might seem that targeting even bigger numbers might be ill-advised for a company positioned so firmly in their niche…

But remember, this is the guy that took a four-wheel farm truck across 1000 miles because he thought it looked fun – much like its owner, MBI is showing no signs of slowing down.